Recipes are the reflections of a culinary culture.  Ingredients, preparations and cooking methods are the most important essences that makes a culinary culture unique, and different from others.

Turkish culinary culture is a very wide and extensive cuisine.  The vast geography that the Turks have lived on, ever since their journey from Central Asia to Anatolia, exposed them to many different ingredients, and their desire to integrate these ingredients into their existing cuisine have enabled Turks to develop a very rich culinary culture. Espeacially the need to make use of the surplus ingredients have caused them to come up with different preservation methods therefore different ingredients such as pickles, dried vegetables, jam, certain sweetmeats etc.

The common knowledge shows us that the cuisines of the world all have revolved around a common theme, whereas in Turkish culinay culture there are many themes. Using many varied vegetables, meats, legumes, grains and different cooking methods, Turkish cuisine stands in a league of it own.

Today’s modern day Turkey is divided into seven regions, all with different soil structure and climate, therefore yielding different products. Based on this fact, each region has developed its own culinary culture. In addition to this, Selcuk cuisine, Ottoman cuisine and all the other ethnic cuisines have all come together to create a repertoir of many countless recipes.

In this section, there are recipes from classical Turkish cuisine as well as regional cuisines of Turkey. Enjoy cooking!

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