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Best Markets & Bazaars in Turkey. Though many modern Turks might have embraced designer boutiques and shopping malls, the bazaar is still the place for many locals, and most visitors, to search out (and haggle over) traditional goods like ceramics, handicrafts, soaps, sweets and, of course, carpets. They’re equally good for (free) atmosphere. Istanbul has two of the most famous bazaars in the world: one dedicated to food and spices and edible souvenirs, especially lokum (Turkish delight); the other dedicated to just about every other consumer item you can think of. From big cities to small towns, the rest of the country has plenty of bazaars too, often specialising in a few particular products, so if you want some beautiful cushion covers, authentic Ottoman slippers, or a rug for your living room, come on in to our list of top Turkish bazaars.

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