Travel Tips  help maximize your time and money spent in Europe and beyond. Travel Tips topics include packing, planning, safety, tourist scams, transportation, money, sleeping, and much more.

·         Tourists should carry their ID and passport with them at all time for their own safety.

·         Even if a small amount of cash, it is advisable to keep some Turkish Lira with you.

·         Printed or digital travel guides and maps informing about the location you are visiting will help you get around and save valuable time so that you can focus on things worth seeing and doing.

·         Visitors who are planning to join the culture tours in İstanbul, or Turkey in general, will be granted faster and cheaper admission to museums in case they obtain a Museum Pass.

·         Travelers who anticipate any possible traffic congestions can use the online check –in system before arriving at the airport and avoid running the risk of missing their flight.

·         Tourists may benefit from tax-free shopping in Turkey by applying at the tax refund offices at the airports with their purchase receipts.

·         Tourists in Turkey may prefer to purchase prepaid sim cards from the stores of local GSM operators to make cheap local and international calls and avoid any connection problems.

·         Wearing comfortable clothes and sports shoes will make you feel more comfortable if you are planning to participate in cultural tours during your stay in Turkey.

·         Obtaining a public transportation card and making use of public transportation facilities is more practical and cheaper if you intend to spend your holiday in one of Turkey’s metropolitan areas.

·         İt is advisable to keep a Turkish dictionary with you at all times. Finding people who speak foreign languages may not be possible at all times.

·         Turkish people are well known for their hospitality and friendliness. If you need help, you may ask the people around you, they will not turn you down.

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