Kiteboarding or Kitesurfing is one of the latest popular water sports in the world, as well as in Turkey. In the past 10 years many kiteboarding centers are opened along the Turkish coastline, frequented by the locals and foreigners during the summer months.

There are several good kiteboarding locations and kiteboard schools in Turkey where it’s possible to practice this sport for about six months during the summer, such as in Akyaka at Gokova Gulf near Marmaris, Pirlanta beach and Alacati in Cesme, Icmeler – Urla near Izmir, and Burc beach in Istanbul. Gokova has constant smooth winds and regular small waves for kiteboarders and has a long beach for them. Pirlanta beach has some strong winds as it’s open to the Aegean Sea thus usually experienced kiteboarders choose this spot. Alacati has gentle winds and shallow waters therefore it’s good for beginners. Also Urla has shallow waters and gentle wind so it’s good for the starters. The Burc beach is located in Kilyos on the Black Sea coast of Istanbul and has some strong winds and high waves towards a long beach, it’s a good location for pro’s. Generally speaking, in most of these kiteboard locations you get a gentle meltemi wind in the morning hours, getting stronger constantly with the flux of the air in the afternoon going up to an average of 4-5 Beaufort, and in some days can go up to 5-7 Beaufort and continue blowing day and night. During the strong windy days or off-season, pro’s can practice some freestyle and wave riding especially in Cesme peninsula and in Kilyos.

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