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St. Paul Church and Well

The St. Paul Church is located in Tarsus, the birthplace of St. Paul one the 12 apostles of Jesus, and is candidate for inclusion...

Hatay – Cradle of the Saints

The biblical city of Antakya (Antioch), once the third largest city in the Roman Empire, was the headquarters of St.Paul's missionaries and the base for several...

Eshab-ı Kehf- Cave of the Seven Sleepers

Also known as the Cave of the Seven Sleepers, Eshab-i  Kehf is situated in the district of Tarsus in Mersin province one of the...

St. Paul’s Church

One of the leading names of early Christianity, St. Paul is commemorated particularly for his missionary journeys in Anatolia and there are a variety...


Anavarza Situated in the Cilicia region in Adana province, the founding date of this ancient city is not known. It emerged during the Roman...

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